Contemporary homeware March 23 2016

A selection of contemporary pottery, ceramics and glassware 

carefully chosen to complement our vintage furniture and lighting range. Check out our homeware page.

Now featuring:

Hasami Porcelain -  Simple, tactile and functional. The unique combination of porcelain and clay give it an organic feel as well a matte appearance. The mugs bowls and trays share the same diameter so can be stacked making storage easy. Produced in Nagasaki Japan designed in Venice, California. 

London based brand, Tiipoi. The studio's ethos comes from India where nothing is wasted it - Well designed, handmade by craftsmen in small scale workshops, they create timeless products from honest materials.

Les Guimards stoneware. This beautiful, timeless stoneware is handmade in rural Burgundy, France. The family run business has been producing pottery from local clay for the last 40 years, each piece hand crafted using traditional methods.